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The Greek Innovation Expo 2013 which will be held on May 16-19, 2013 at the Athens Helexpo Palace, will identify, present and provide a showcase of the Greek innovation. Operators, researchers and companies will be gathered to be updated, to exhibit, to communicate, to create and collaborate all together.

The exhibition focuses on four main areas: Research, Design, Technology and Innovation. Greek Innovation Expo 2013 is going to develop actions through the Exhibition, Workshops, B2B meetings and Innovation Conference.

Does your company, whether large or small, engage in innovative, multi-stakeholder CSR partnerships and thereby make a positive impact in Europe? If so, the first-ever European CSR Award Scheme may be exactly the right opportunity for your partnership to be celebrated across Europe.


The aim of the event is to promote business partnerships between Greek and European SMEs active in sectors identified as key contributors to achieving Growth in Greece. The event is organized on Tuesday March 12 2013 at the conference center of the National Center for Scientific Research “Demokritos” located in Agia Paraskevi (Patriarchou Gregoriou E’).

In the face of fragile economic recovery following the economic and financial crisis of 2008, many firms all around the world continue to invest in growth-enhancing activities to achieve a sustainable development.

While the crisis has heavily hit all aspects of business vested interests, investments in innovation, entrepreneurship and regional partnership have been the key priority to ensuring a strong and stable economic growth.

In the framework of the project "Cross-border Mentoring for Networking & Developing New Innovative Enterprises – Mentoring Startups (MESUP) the MESUP Entrepreneurship Competition has been published.

Total Budget: 
€3 500 000

The Programme will be implemented by the Hellenic Management Association and is about implementing consulting and training programmes for employees working in small and medium enterprises or for self-employed persons or entrepreneurs, aiming to enhance the adaptability of human resources, SMEs and businesses in internationalisation issues.

Total Budget: 
€45 000 000

The programme of the National Fund of Entrepreneurship and Development (in short ΕΤΕΑΝ S.A.) under the title "ETEAN S.A. guarantee for letters of guarantee issued by the banks in favour of small, very small and micro-enterprises" shall facilitate the access of existing, new and  start-up (having a valid VAT no.) SMEs to the banking sector in order to issue letters of guarantee, with ETEAN S.A. offering guarantees covering part of the amount provided for in the letter of guarantee.

Until exhaustion of the Programme budget and no later than 31.12.2013

As part of their global education strategy, The Economistevents, Microsoftand the BritishCouncil are jointly organizing in Athens, on February 28th, 2013 an international conference entitled “Education and innovation in the 21st century: Opening frontiers for the business market”.

As the global marketplace becomes increasingly demanding, the role of education is fundamental when it comes to business success. Subsequently, in times of turmoil the initiative of the three organisations undoubtedly is very timely.

The Hellenic Entrepreneurship Award offers Greece-based entrepreneurs the chance to receive free consulting and support plus up to €500,000 of funding for a new business venture. The award program aims to create opportunity for both experienced and budding entrepreneurs by providing winners with the resources they need to get a new business started: funding, business support services and an expert mentor.

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