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Social Media Consulting and Online Community Networking

I am looking for and I am evaluating projects and people involved in Social Media and Community Management, Social Networking, Professional Orientation in the Social Media Management and Employment through International Collaboration Experiments and Initiatives.

Personalisation, International Online Networking, Web Analytics, Public Relations, Social Media Monitoring, Online Branding, LinkedIn, Community Management, Digital Strategy, Social Marketing, Web 2.0, Online Reputation Management, Online PR, Online Community Management, Content Strategy, Social Networking Sites, Content Development, Link Building, Content Creation, Social Responsibility, Travel Optimisation, Web Management, Football, Photography, Local Cultures

I am looking for new employment or projects.

You can find me here:

My areas of interest are the Community networking and management, SEO and Web Design. I privilege projects based in the Communication, Public Relations and different regional development projects that aim to bring social and cultural integration though intercultural exchange as well as a technological advance. I speak the user language and for me the Social Media experience is not theoretical but based in real life creative experience where the Social Media belong to the users and the community.

I am available and mobile geographically.

The views expressed here are my own.

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